Martial Arts Classes for Adults

If you are looking for an adult martial arts program to help you get in shape, increase your overall flexibility, develop strength, and challenge yourself to be your best, come by and check out Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts in Covina! Men and women of all ages and ability levels (Beginner to Expert) can enjoy a full body adult martial arts workout that is constantly changing and developing to help you stay motivated.

Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts is rooted in traditionally defensive Korean fighting styles, including close hand on hand combat and technique. At our adult martial arts program at Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts in Covina you will learn:

  • Combination kicks and striking
  • Joint locks and throwing
  • Closed and open hand striking techniques
  • Submission skills to help you walk away unharmed
  • Breathing meditation and body conditioning
  • Interested in training with us? Martial Arts is great for All Ages!

    With a focus on each individual’s natural skill and physical abilities, the instructors of our adult martial arts programs will watch your form and modify your workout to help you continuously progress from where you are. We take pride in our corrective fitness and movement assessment skills, and we ensure you will be in good hands to not only get fit but continue in our adult martial arts training program for years to come – both pain and injury free.

    To learn more about our programs at Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts in Covina, simply call (626) 252-8205 or fill out the form below to schedule your first adult martial arts lesson today.

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