STUCK AT HOME: Virtual & In-Person Activities for Teens in Covina!

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With the current turn of events in our society following the COVID-19 pandemic, activities for teens are now few and far between. 


Lockdowns and social distancing are proving to be quite a challenge for teens to stay socially and physically active, and most virtual activities for teens (i.e. videogames) are sedentary by nature and do not fulfil the need for basic body movement. 

Finding fun, and healthy, virtual activities for teens has never been more important!

 At Kuk Sool Won of Covina, we have created an awesome virtual teen martial arts program to provide activities for teens to stay connected while developing healthy lifestyle habits at the same time. We have fun, fitness-based, weekly classes with a growing community of teenagers online making new friends and learning important life skills along the way. 


Most teens are already quite comfortable having virtual lifestyles on smartphones and social apps, so unlike some of us from older generations, they are very quickly adapting to fitness-based classes in our new virtual online setting. 


Plus, we now offer safely social distanced training at the park every Saturday morning too! Our students have been enjoying getting together for some much needed social activity, sweat and fresh air. Check out this awesome video of our very first Kuk Sool park event on Youtube.

Interested in our classes? Sign up for a FREE, one-on-one virtual introductory lesson to find out if you and your teen want to participate in some of the awesome activities for teens or virtual martial arts options we have to offer here at our school. For more information, contact us or give us a call at (626) 252-8205 to get started today!  


Don’t take our word for it, go and check out what our students and families have to say about our programs on Yelp and Google. We hope to see you all sweating and smiling with us very soon! 

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