ADULT MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES: Relieve Stress, Staying Active & Healthy

Maintaining a healthy mindset is a much easier task when you surround yourself with other like-minded, positive, motivated individuals.

Healthy Habits (Part 2): Tips To Improve Mental Health and Fitness for Teens

When teens develop a regular exercise routine, it increases the likelihood that they have a healthier and more active lifestyle when they grow up.

Healthy Habits for Teenagers (Part 1): The “5 Best Ways” to Improve Energy

Teenage years are a time of transition between childhood and adulthood, and a really important stage of physical, emotional, social and mental development.

Female-Owned Martial Arts School in Covina “Kicks Off” 2020 Supporting Local Charity

By-donation self defense classes to raise money for the YWCA — one of the “oldest and largest multicultural organizations promoting solutions to enhance the lives of women, girls and families”.