Live Safe: Self Defense Classes

Saturday Afternoons

Tuesday Nights

Although there is an abundance of violence in modern society, the premise of Live Safe Self Defense Classes are that there is plenty we can do to minimize the odds of it happening to us. Can someone take every precaution possible to stay safe and still be attacked? Of course. But with the right preparation, the right training, and the right mindset, the odds will be strongly stacked in your favor. 

The Live Safe Five Steps to Personal Safety are:

  1. Create safe habits.
  2. Be aware… but not on guard.
  3. Trust your intuition.
  4. Take immediate action.
  5. Learn from your experiences and the experiences of others.

Live Safe Self Defense Classes are based on recognition, avoidance, and defense. Physical self-defense strategies should only be used when there are no other options. In order to be effective, self-defense strategies should be simpleto learn, easy to apply, and incredibly effective. And that is exactly what you’ll get from the Live Safe Self Defense Training program…